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[ 2008-10-17 ] Forbes.com: Money-Saving Office Tech Big companies need big software, and big software costs big money. If you're a little guy, however, big, complex software is anything but a competitive advantage.
[ 2006-09-18 ] University dumps Cisco VoIP for open-source Asterisk Some organizations consider taking the plunge off of big iron PBX platforms into IP telephony as being pretty daring, but that's nothing compared to what Sam Houston State University (SHSU) is doing. The south Texas school is boldly moving thousands of users off a Cisco VoIP platform to an open-source VoIP network based on Asterisk.
[ 2006-08-16 ] Hoosier Daddy? In Indiana Schools, It's Linux How's this for back-to-school fashion: More than 20,000 Indiana students are now Linux-enabled under a state grant program to roll out low-cost, easy-to-manage workstations, which are running various flavors of the open-source operating system.
[ 2005-08-21 ] News.Com: Unlocking the enterprise for open source The chief technology officer at Athena Healthcare was sick of multiple databases that contained the same customer record. He wanted to tightly integrate the company's customer data into its Web portal, its financial accounting system and its call center software. After learning more, Gatewood did what a growing number of CTOs are doing today: He went open source.
[ 2004-04-14 ] Computerworld: It's possible to ditch Microsoft Office Is today's OpenOffice good enough for the enterprise? For most jobs -- word processing, presentations or spreadsheets -- the answer is yes.
[ 2004-03-29 ] Novell: Top Contractor Combines SUSE LINUX, IBM and Oracle to Cut Costs by 70 Percent "Moving to a Linux* platform obviously insulates us from a lot of the Microsoft-based headaches, specifically the vulnerabilities, the viruses and non-stop patching," said Tadd Moore, manager of Engineering and Support for Manhattan Construction. "Linux allows us to spend more time on projects that make us money."
[ 2003-08-20 ] News.Com: Rockin' on without Microsoft Ball told his IT department he wanted Microsoft products out of his business within six months. "I said, 'I don't care if we have to buy 10,000 abacuses,'" recalled Ball, who recently addressed the LinuxWorld trade show. "We won't do business with someone who treats us poorly."
[ 2003-05-09 ] ITBusiness.ca: Save now pay later? Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, cost is probably the No. 1 issue driving IT decisions today. Manageability and security of IT systems would appear to be top of mind, but reducing cost is critical to everyone. Includes comments from KSPEI President Kara Pritchard.
[ 2003-05-08 ] Computerworld: PeopleSoft: Move to Linux a response to customer demand For some time now, enterprise software vendor PeopleSoft Inc., like many other companies, has been hearing from customers considering Linux for some of their business applications.
[ 2003-04-10 ] Computerworld: Linux moving into the household moving business The software development division of household moving company All-American Moving Group LLC is building a SuSE Linux-based moving and storage application that it will sell later this year to bring open-source choices to the industry.
[ 2003-03-15 ] CIO.com: Your Open Source Plan Once a toy for geeks, open source is slowly but surely filtering into the enterprise and transforming the way software is designed, sold and supported. And any CIO without an open-source strategy in 2003 will be paying too much for IT in 2004.
[ 2003-01-26 ] Reuters: Developers Turn to Linux, Stunt Microsoft Growth Linux's popularity with programmers has already managed to make a huge dent on the market share of rival software Unix and now it's gradually threatening to do the same with Microsoft's dominance of the business software market. And giants such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co., and Dell Computer Corp. are lending a helping hand.
[ 2003-01-23 ] Computerworld: Unilever moving to Linux for global operations After years of running a complex tangle of Unix operating systems in its global IT server operations, consumer products company The Unilever Group is committing its technological future to Linux.
[ 2003-01-22 ] Infomatics: Oracle chief says migrate to Linux Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison says his customers should migrate their IT infrastructure to Linux-based systems if they want to save money, increase performance and improve reliability.
[ 2002-10-29 ] InternetWeek.com: Defense Contractor Says Open Source Is Widely Used, Beneficial To DoD Open-source software is in widespread use in the U.S. Department of Defense, and is important to defending against cyber attacks, says a report by defense contractor Mitre Corp.
[ 2002-10-21 ] Computerworld: Chrysler adopts Linux for vehicle crash testing Chrysler Group is using a new Linux cluster computer for crash simulation testing and analysis in an effort to make safer cars and trucks.
[ 2002-10-09 ] InternetWeek.com: Big European Manufacturer Expands Linux Commitment Villeroy & Boch, a manufacturer of ceramic products, said Wednesday it has selected Linux as the platform of choice for supporting critical business applications, including those from SAP AG.
[ 2002-09-25 ] Computerworld: Regal Cinemas offering Linux with your popcorn Regal Cinemas is now serving up popcorn, candy and drinks to moviegoers using new Linux-based IBM point-of-sale (POS) terminals that are being installed in 536 theaters around the nation.
[ 2002-08-17 ] Bloomberg.com: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft Challenged by Free Database Software Oracle Corp., which supplies Yahoo! Inc. with database software, may lose some of that business to a little-known competing product -- the free MySQL database.
[ 2002-07-17 ] Forbes.com: Retail Therapy A century-old retailer changes to Linux and cuts not only expenses but aggravation too.
[ 2001-10-30 ] News.com: How Linux Saved Amazon Millions Online retailer Amazon.com shaved millions of dollars from its technology costs last quarter by switching to the Linux operating system, a disclosure that could provide some guidance for other companies seeking to cut expenses in a stagnant economy.